Digital nomads in Colombia: 5 places to work remotely

The cities of Colombia have opened their doors to coworking spaces and remote work, all the conditions of comfort, telecommunications, and security are guaranteed.

In Colombia, you can continue to work remotely without major inconveniences. The country has understood the digital nomads and has been prepared to receive them. If you like to travel and visit different places, with different climates and varied cuisine, you no longer have to leave your work at home, just a computer and internet connection is what you need to stay active in your work while traveling. 

In Medellín, you can have internet access in shopping malls, plazas, public libraries, parks, cafes, restaurants, and almost anywhere in the city. Public and private coworking spaces abound in the capital of Antioquia, offering food and beverages, expanding your comfort when working remotely. 

Bogota, the economic and cultural center of the country, is a cosmopolitan city that understands travelers very well, its business centers provide innovative possibilities for companies and their nomadic workers. 

Cali, Cartagena, and Bucaramanga are not far behind, over the years they have improved their telecommunications facilities and have created public and private coworking spaces for their inhabitants and the visitors they receive annually. 

Digital nomads in Colombia: 5 places to work remotely

Some of the shared offices available in Colombia are Selina, Regus, WeWork, Owlo, Tinkko, and Spaces, among others. In these spaces, you can feel comfortable when working and connect with other digital nomads with the same preferences as you.

We recommend you to choose in advance the city where you will establish your remote office and find good rental apartment options so it will be easier to contact local internet companies and you will not waste time while you are in the city. All mobile networks in Colombia work with 4G ensuring you also have an efficient speed in mobile browsing.