Digital nomads in Colombia: 5 places to work remotely

The cities of Colombia have opened their doors to coworking spaces and remote work, all the conditions of comfort, telecommunications, and security are guaranteed.

In Colombia, you can continue to work remotely without major inconveniences. The country has understood the digital nomads and has been prepared to receive them. If you like to travel and visit different places, with different climates and varied cuisine, you no longer have to leave your work at home, just a computer and internet connection is what you need to stay active in your work while traveling. 

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Which city is best to live in Colombia?

When coming to Colombia you should choose the city that best suits your personality, preferences, and plans; the eternal spring of Medellín welcomes thousands of foreigners every year who choose it as their new home

Medellín is not only the best city to visit in Colombia, but also the best city to live in according to the annual report of the World Economic Forum, which sees Latin America as an important tourist option in which Medellín enters. 

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Why Colombia is the best option to retire?

Although many of us know the potential of the country, such as the climate, the cost of living, and medical services; the possibilities for foreigners increase every year, we tell you why Colombia is the best option to retire.

Since 2015 many foreigners began to arrive in Colombia with a definite purpose: to settle in this country, spend their retirement years, and enjoy a quiet, relaxed, and safe life. Thanks to a profound recovery effort, the country was able to leave behind its years of conflict and open up to new opportunities in foreign trade, tourism, and finance. Colombia is one of the best options in Latin America to retire and rent affordable apartments.

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